WEBINAR: Ready for Safer Vehicles for Pedestrians?

How to speak up in support of new USDOT regulations

USDOT wants to hear from you! There are not one, but TWO opportunities to speak up supporting new regulations to make vehicles safer for pedestrians. 

Right now, America’s top traffic safety authority has two proposals on the table: one to rate cars based on how safe they are for pedestrians, the other to require new cars to have life-saving technology that detects pedestrians and applies the brakes before hitting someone. 

We know from experience that such rules can be hotly contested and become watered down, especially if there is not strong public support for safety. In this webinar, learn about the details of the proposed rules, and how your comments can help achieve better rules that save more lives.

Want to Learn More?

Join us July 19th for a debriefing of how you can get involved and make your voice heard for safer streets!

Learning Objectives

Webinar participants should leave the webinar with increased understanding of the following:

  • Get background on the history of regulations affecting safety of vehicles toward pedestrians
  • Understand the content of the proposed rules
  • Understand the strength and weaknesses of the proposed rules
  • Learn the process for providing comments to USDOT

Watch Our Previous Webinar:

Like all of our webinars, this will be recorded and available after the fact. But you’ll want to join us in real-time if you can for the opportunity to ask questions of our guests and live-tweet along with us. You’ll also receive ample resources and additional materials if you RSVP.

Join us: Wednesday, July 19th
2:00pm – 3:00pm ET